Capitalize on Your N.E.T Time on Your Treadmill

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Capitalize on Your N.E.T Time on Your Treadmill 

By J. Maki

I’m pretty certain most of you have heard of Tony Robbins, and if you haven’t, I strongly encourage you to check out his work. 

He is a force of nature who is dedicated to self-improvement, efficiency, and all things related to bettering the world around him. His perspective on life and his strategies for living a world-class life are remarkable, and his concept of N.E.T Time, or “No Extra Time,” is one that can truly change your life. 

What exactly is N.E.T Time? It is those moments in which are able to effectively complete two things at once, and no where else is this more achievable than on your own treadmill. 

If you are running or walking on your treadmill in a controlled environment, you are presented with an opportunity to fit something else in, be it listening to an audio book or podcast, or if you are walking, reading a physical book or magazine, or articles on your tablet. Your options for capitalizing on this N.E.T Time on your treadmill are only limited by your creativity. Below are some recommendations of some effective ways to increase your productivity while working out.


While I wouldn’t recommend this during high-intensity workouts on your treadmill, if you are completing a slower-paced walk or jog, meditating can be a great option. Utilizing a meditation app such as Headspace, which provides guided meditations to walk you through the process, can help calm down the speed of your life and observe your thoughts and feelings. The benefits of meditation on your mental health are supported by research, and when coupling this with exercise, you access a wealth of endorphins that can set you up for a fulfilling day. As a subscriber of Headspace for many years, I would strongly recommend this app to you.

Read/Listen to Audiobooks

If you are walking on your treadmill, you have an opportunity to catch up on your reading. Most treadmills come equipped with trays to set books, magazines, or tablets so that you can read as you workout. Not only are you improving your health and fitness, but you are also educating yourself about a topic of interest to you. However, a word of caution: this shouldn’t be done at brisk paces, as any lapse in your attention could result in a fall or accident. Stick with lower speeds if you are going to read, and if you want to increase the intensity, you can always up your incline. If you want to go at a faster pace, you can always listen to an audiobook by subscribing to Audible. Think you don’t have time to read? Think again. Do something good for your brain and your body at the same time. 


Undoubtedly, there are people out there you follow on social media, or people making a positive impact on the world who are sharing their work through the medium of podcasts. Capitalizing on your treadmill N.E.T Time will allow you to fit in those Podcasts you love, or to finally listen to the one recommended to you by college buddy. Listening to Podcasts, like reading or listening to audiobooks, expands your mind, and exposes you to new ideas and perspectives that can motivate you in your everyday life. 

Affirmations and Visualization

Similar to meditation, Affirmations and Visualization focus on your mental game. As you complete your treadmill workout, you can repeat those affirming statements to yourself that will help direct towards the achievement of your goal (“I will rock this interview and this job will be mine!”), or in the short term, help you successfully complete your workout (“I will see this workout through to its end!”). You can also use this time to visualize the accomplishment of your goals and envisioning what your life would look like when you have arrived at the reality of the target you are seeking. This will help make your goal feel real and within your reach. 

However you utilize it, please realize the power of your N.E.T Time when you step onto your treadmill. Stop making the excuse of not having time, and actually take advantage of what is in front of you. 

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