Nautilus T618 Treadmill Review

Nautilus T618 Treadmill Review By J. Maki Overview Sturdy. Robust. Gym-quality. All of these adjectives have been used to describe the T618, and if you are looking for a treadmill that is built for consistent use, this is a solid option for you. The machine itself weighs 350 pounds, so it has the make-up toContinue reading “Nautilus T618 Treadmill Review”

3G Cardio Elite Runner Treadmill Review

3G Cardio Elite Runner Treadmill Review By J. Maki  Overview “Simple and effective” is the name of the game for 3G Cardio treadmills, and while the 3G Cardio Elite Runner Treadmill is simple, it is an outstanding treadmill. Resilient at 386 pounds and powerful with a 4.0 Horsepower motor, the 3G Elite Runner can helpContinue reading “3G Cardio Elite Runner Treadmill Review”

Excuses to Not Own a Treadmill Part 1: “I Can Just Run Outside”

Excuses to Not to Own a Treadmill Part 1: “I Can Just Run Outside”  By J. Maki If you want to make an excuse bad enough, you’ll easily make it. If you are looking for an out to keep you in your comfort zone, it will be there for you. Conversely, if you are lookingContinue reading “Excuses to Not Own a Treadmill Part 1: “I Can Just Run Outside””

Capitalize on Your N.E.T Time on Your Treadmill

Capitalize on Your N.E.T Time on Your Treadmill  By J. Maki I’m pretty certain most of you have heard of Tony Robbins, and if you haven’t, I strongly encourage you to check out his work.  He is a force of nature who is dedicated to self-improvement, efficiency, and all things related to bettering the worldContinue reading “Capitalize on Your N.E.T Time on Your Treadmill”

Improve Your Mental Toughness with a Treadmill

Improve Your Mental Toughness With a Treadmill By J. Maki Looking for a little treadmill history lesson today? We’ve got you covered.  While the purpose of a treadmill today is evident, many of us are unaware of how treadmills were historically used. In some instances, treadmills were used to generate energy (think hamster wheel here).Continue reading “Improve Your Mental Toughness with a Treadmill”

Sole TT8 Treadmill Review

Sole TT8 Treadmill Review By J. Maki Overview Sole states the TT8 treadmill is for serious runners, and upon examining the specifications and features of this model, they are right. If you are just beginning an exercise plan, or if your routine consists of light to moderate walking or jogging, this is more treadmill thanContinue reading “Sole TT8 Treadmill Review”

ProForm Performance 400i Treadmill Review

ProForm Performance 400i Treadmill By J. Maki Overview An economical treadmill with elevated technology which includes a touch screen display for virtual workouts. Different from the Nordictrack T Series – 6.5S, the ProForm 400i comes equipped with a 1 year membership to iFit, instead of just one month. This provides you with access to thousandsContinue reading “ProForm Performance 400i Treadmill Review”

A Treadmill Doesn’t Replace Outdoor Exercise

A Treadmill Doesn’t Replace Exercise Outdoors  By J. Maki I am a self-confessed treadmill nerd. I love them. Seriously. There is something about the merging of steel, rubber, and LCDs and the persistent hum of a strong horsepower motor coupled with the rhythmic drum of footfalls that is simply just magical to me. But IContinue reading “A Treadmill Doesn’t Replace Outdoor Exercise”