Goal-Setting: The First Step in Finding the Right Treadmill for You

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Goal-Setting: The First Step in Finding the Right Treadmill for You

By J. Maki

If you’ve made the decision to invest in a treadmill, congratulations! 

Owning a treadmill provides you with the flexibility, convenience, and customization to not only improve your health and fitness, but also your overall general quality of life. 

The Important First Step

However, before you make this important investment, it is critical that you complete the first step in the treadmill-purchasing process, and that is clarifying your goals for your health and fitness. Without having identified what your targets are, you may under or over purchase a model that is not aligned with what you are seeking.

Start with the Short-Term

The first step in the process of identifying your health and fitness goals, it is important to consider what you’d like to accomplish 1 to 3 months from now after implementing an exercise plan. For instance, are you looking to lose 10 pounds and lower your blood pressure through a walking regimen? Or are you looking to rekindle your running passion and resume running the quarterly 5k to keep you in shape? These two directions are very different and require different types of approaches when constructing a health and fitness plan, and ultimately, in the type of treadmill you invest in.

Shift to the Long-Term

Once you’ve identified your short term goals, you then need to think about your greater vision and the healthy lifestyle you are targeting. Doing so will help you select a treadmill that you can grow into and that will continue to support your goals, as opposed to you exceeding the capabilities of the model you have selected. 

Let’s Take a Look at the Scenarios Addressed Earlier

For the walker looking to lose 10 pounds, you may envision yourself eventually building yourself up to jogging and hitting a milestone of running a 5k, all while sustaining your weight loss and bettering your health indicators like blood pressure and blood sugar. 

For the 5k runner, you may forecast yourself building yourself up to a half-marathon and then eventually a marathon. Shifting to training for these types of events will require an increase in mileage which has to be a significant consideration when selecting the right treadmill for you. 

Need More Reasons?

How about dollars and cents? The greater the intensity and frequency of your workout regimen, the sturdier the treadmill you will need, and the higher the cost of the unit. It is not a necessity for someone looking to implement a lower-intensity exercise program to purchase a commercial-grade treadmill. The difference in cost between a commercial-grade treadmill and a quality unit built for lower intensity exercise could be a thousand dollars or more. This is why making an informed decision about a treadmill is critical.

Your exercise goals will have an impact on the cost of the machine you select

These specifics provide you with guidelines when researching treadmills and identifying which is best for you. Without them, you are making a meaningful investment based on a lack of direction. This will result in a mismatch between the treadmill and the user every time. 

While there are many other factors that must be considered when investing in a treadmill, clarifying your goals must be your first step, because your treadmill becomes the tool that will help you arrive at the destination you seek. 

So get started today. Set your goals, do your research, and then invest in the treadmill that is right for you. 

Your health and wellness depends on it!

Goal Setting is an important first step, but you also need to familiarize yourself about the different components of a treadmill. Check out our breakdown here: https://thetrustedtreadmill.com/the-treadmill-checklist-a-must-for-any-soon-to-be-treadmill-owner/

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