Improve Your Mental Toughness with a Treadmill

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Improve Your Mental Toughness With a Treadmill

By J. Maki

Looking for a little treadmill history lesson today? We’ve got you covered. 

While the purpose of a treadmill today is evident, many of us are unaware of how treadmills were historically used.

In some instances, treadmills were used to generate energy (think hamster wheel here). A living object, whether animal or human, would use force to move the treadmill in its antiquated form to produce power that could be used for a variety of purposes. 

And bizarrely enough, treadmills were also used as a form of punishment, with never-ending repetitive steps, mostly climbing upwards, were branded as a means to torture to empty the soul of men.


Much has changed in how we look at treadmills and how we use them today. Instead of using them to generate power, we use them to help increase our health and vitality. Instead of using them for torture, we use them to achieve the feeling of accomplishment when we finish a rewarding workout.

However, just because treadmills are not used as a form of punishment anymore does not mean they cannot be challenging, because sometimes, to be honest, they just are

The repetitive foot strikes on the running belt and the unchanging scenery during your workout can be mentally taxing and draining, and the doubt and voice of surrender can easily creep up on you. If you are 10 minutes into what is supposed to be a 45 minute walk or run, if you are having somewhat of a rough day, the monotony can make you want to quit and give up. You may begin planning your exit strategy and rationalize with yourself that, “hey, I already did 10 minutes, that’s good enough.”

These are the moments of opportunity when you can build your mental toughness.

While many innovations have made certain models of treadmills palatable with live, on demand training and the ability to utilize smart devices for entertainment, there is no escaping the fact that at times, you will see your walking or running as a monotonous, repetitive, and dull form of punishment. However, it is these moments that are critically important, as they build your mental resiliency.

The more you are able to push yourself through these unavoidable moments when you want to give up on your workout, the stronger you will become the next time you inevitably face this situation again. As you repeat this process, like a muscle, your ability to persevere becomes stronger, and you begin to look at obstacles from a completely different point of view: they are not experiences you seek to avoid, they are experiences you want to embrace. 

So while we all know that treadmills can do wonders for our bodies, keep in mind that they can also grow and strengthen your grit and ability to push through adversity. 

Looking to become mentally stronger, able to overcome insurmountable obstacles? A treadmill can help you to do just that. 

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