Nordictrack T Series Treadmill – 6.5S Review

NordicTrack T Series Treadmill – 6.5S Review

By J. Maki


When you purchase a Nordictrack T Series treadmill, you also get a subscription to their iFit program which, in this case it is for 1 month. By connecting your tablet to the T 6.5S with iFit, you have access to thousands of different workouts on demand to keep your exercise fresh, exciting, and aligned with your fitness goals. The workouts go beyond the treadmill, as there are options for yoga, strength training, and many others. When it comes to guided workouts and the incorporation of technology into the machine, this is a perfect blend, which is a contrast to the Nautilus models reviewed earlier. 

What makes the Nordictrack T Series – 6.5S unique?

The iFit subscription which provides access to a wealth of live and on-demand workouts that align with a variety of health and fitness goals.

What is the Nordictrack T Series – 6.5S missing?

Not really something missing, but you have to register your treadmill and sign up for iFit first before you can begin using your treadmill. So, it really isn’t assemble and go, there are a few extra steps. 

General Specifications

  • Responsive motor for efficient shifting in and out of speeds which is helpful when varying paces during your runs/walks (interval training).
  • Space-sensitive and can be incorporated into a room without overwhelming the space. 
  • Purchase includes 1 month iFit subscription which provides access to thousands of workouts on demand.
  • Weight capacity of treadmill is 300 pounds.
  • Speed maximum is 10 mph, while incline is capped at 10 degrees. 
  • 2.6 CHP motor
  • Heart rate can be taken with the handles on the machine.
  • FlexSelect Cushioning minimizes impact but can also be adjusted to simulate real running/walking conditions.
  • 20” x 55” belt
  • 5 inch display providing workout statistics

Customer Feedback

What are customers saying about the Nordictrack T Series Treadmill – 6.5S (from Amazon customers)?

  • “No shaking. Sturdy. Quality product.”
  • “Changing the speed and the incline is very smooth both in manual mode and automatically in one of the workout modes.”
  • “I’ve been using this treadmill for about a month and a half, mostly so I could get runs in with a newborn at home and I haven’t been disappointed in any way.”
  • “I view the iFit programs/membership as a big part of this product (and the price), and I adore them.”
  • “ I do wish this version had a fan, but you can always purchase one to attach to the treadmill if you need one.”

What is your experience with the Nordictrack T Series Treadmill – 6.5S?

We want to know your experience with the Nordictrack T series Treadmill – 6.5S! Please provide your feedback below and share with those considering this model!

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