Peloton Tread Review

Peloton Tread Review 

By J. Maki


If you are serious about your exercise and are looking for the ability to access on-demand and live workouts complete with coaching, and you are ready to drop some serious coin, the Peloton might just be the perfect machine for you. Very study, as it is built with carbon steel, and it weighs over 455 pounds. This thing isn’t moving, no matter how hard you are working on the spacious 67” x 20” running belt. Very much an innovative unit from minor details such as knob-controlled speed and incline adjustments, to major elements such as the on-demand and live workouts led by credible fitness professionals that can turbocharge your motivation and your fitness improvements. This may be the granddaddy of all treadmills, but that doesn’t mean it is the right model for everybody. Regardless, I encourage everyone to check this out ( and prepare to be wowed. This sucker is definitely on my wishlist! 

What makes the Peloton Treadmill unique?

Too many bells and whistles to name, but primarily the unit’s compatibility and synchronicity with its subscription service for on-demand and live workouts. 

What is the Peloton Treadmill missing?

This thing is massive, so it is missing any sense of convenience in terms of space consideration. 

General Specifications

Constructed with carbon steel

2 Horsepower AC motor (alternating current)

Weight of the model is 455 pounds (display screen itself weighs 25 pounds!)

Running belt is 67” x 20”

Model dimensions are 72.5” x 36.5” x 72”

Maximum speed is 12.5 mph

Incline can be adjusted to a 15% grade

32” high-definition touchscreen which can be adjusted

“One-touch” control feature for immediate start-up

Includes USB and audio jack connections, in addition to Bluetooth capable for smart devices 

Built-in sound bar

Customer Feedback

What are customers saying about the Peloton Treadmill? (Taken from the Peloton website)

“The best thing about this tread is the well constructed belt that you run on.”

“Everything about the design of this treadmill from the screen to the incline and speed knobs is perfection.”

“The classes change it up, along with the trainers so it’s never boring, you can choose between walking and running or both. They have scenic runs and walks, amazing instructors that motivate you, I just can’t talk highly enough.”

“The Tread is an amazing piece of equipment is the center piece in my personal gym. It is the closest thing you can get to running on the road with a personal trainer.”

“First and foremost, this treadmill is beautifully designed… all the bells and whistles are there for a fantastic run. However, the dealbreaker for me is that the ONLY thing you can access on that nice HUGE screen are training classes and or a virtual running path.”

“My ONLY issue with it is that I can’t pause the class.”

What is your experience with the Peloton Treadmill?

We want to know your experience with the Peloton Treadmill. Please provide your feedback in the comments below and share with those considering this model!

Learn more about the Peloton Tread by visiting their website here:

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