Proform Carbon T7 Treadmill Review

Proform Carbon T7 Treadmill Review

By J. Maki


Part of the Proform Carbon series, the T7 is an economical unit, and with a purchase of a 3-year subscription to the iFit service, the treadmill is yours for free. Not a bad selling point if you are looking for a model capable of interfacing with a live/on-demand virtual workout offering.

While it is equipped with innovating virtual training technologies, from a specifications perspective, this treadmill is suited more towards walkers/joggers to moderate exercisers, and here’s why.

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Check the Specs

First, the T7’s doesn’t have a powerful motor, harnessing 2.75 Continuous Duty horsepower, which is not ideal for high-intensity and/or high-mileage running. Additionally, in terms of running area, whereas most mid-range to upper-end models have a 22” x 60” running belt, the T7’s is smaller at 20” x 55”. 

In terms of durability, its steel frame can handle up to 300 pounds from its user.

Tech It Up

What this treadmill does not have in terms of power and running space, it makes up for it with its technology. 

With a built-in 7” high definition touchscreen, you have the convenience of manipulating your workout at the touch of a finger. And even better, you have access to all of the workouts provided through the iFit service. 

iFit is a personalized, virtual training program that provides you with real-time coaching and speed, incline adjustments to manipulate the intensity of your workout. iFit also tracks your workouts over time to tailor workouts to your improved fitness levels. Again, with a purchase of a 3-year subscription to iFit, you get this treadmill for free, which is an enticing deal. 

The T7 Is Convenient

Finally, the T7 is somewhat portable in comparison to similar models at 222 pounds. It can also be folded and wheeled, which adds an element of convenience to save space in your home. If space is an issue for you, then the T7 could be an option. 

What is unique about the Proform Carbon T7 Treadmill?

The built-in touchscreen high-definition display is a nice feature, even if it is on the smaller side. With your iFit subscription, you can stream your workouts without the hassle of connecting a monitor or smart device. And, to be honest, iFit is just flat out fun and engaging.

What is the Proform Carbon T7 Treadmill missing?

Not necessarily missing, but if you are looking for a model with a strong motor, belt size, and overall pure durability to handle very intense workouts, the T7 is not the best option for you. However, this is still a quality treadmill that can help you achieve your fitness and health goals, all while having fun doing so!

General Specifications

User Weight Capacity300 pounds 
Unit Weight222.67
Model Dimensions74.62” x 35.24” x 64.39” 
Running Belt20” x 55”
Motor2.75 Continuous Duty Horsepower Motor, Mach Z
Display7” High Definition touchscreen display 
TechnologyCompatible with iFit (requires subscription), which interfaces well with HD video touchscreen; 2 speakers accessible via auxiliary; Bluetooth enabled.  
Preloaded Workouts30 
Maximum Speed12 mph
InclineYes, 0-12%
Shock AbsorptionProShox Cushioning 
Heart Rate MonitorYes, built-in hand grips, telemetry strap
Warranty10-year frame, 2-year parts, and 1-year labor

What are customers saying about the Proform Carbon T7 Treadmill?

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What is your experience with the Proform Carbon T7 Treadmill?

We want to know your experience with the Proform Carbon T7 Treadmill! Please provide your feedback below and share with those considering this model! Also, if you have any questions about the T7, let us know, and we will do our best to answer them!

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