ProForm Performance 800i Treadmill Review

ProForm Performance 800i Treadmill Review

By J. Maki


The 800i is the premier model in the Performance series, and it surpasses the 400i and 600i models in all areas. With a price tag of $1600, you are making a serious investment in your health and fitness. At this price point, while you will benefit from upper-echelon technology, you will not get the power needed for higher intensity/mileage exercise. 

If your fitness goals are built around consistent walking or jogging, with the occasional run, the 800i is more than capable of handling your output. 

Don’t Sweat the Tech(nology)

You have to love the large 14” display that the 800i boasts. It makes the iFit program come alive with its virtual environments. On top of that, its high definition screen makes for a beautiful picture, while its touchscreen capability makes it very convenient to navigate the workouts.  

And yeah, while we’re at it, we have to give some love to iFit, as it is an excellent personal training tool that enhances the ProForm treadmill experience. The 800i comes with a 1-year family iFit subscription which provides access to countless workouts, both on-demand and live, to create an engaging exercise experience. You can learn more about iFit here

Check out the 800i at ProForm’s website (not an affiliate link).

Convenience? Check.

The 800i can handle users up to 315 pounds. This is remarkable considering the unit itself only weighs 200 pounds and can be folded up and wheeled for easy storage. If you have limited room, or are simply looking for a treadmill that doesn’t eat up space, the 800i definitely meets your needs. 

While its running belt isn’t massive, it is roomy enough at 18” x 60”, which is more than sufficient for most users. Again, this is admirable considering this is not a massive unit that will dominate your living quarters.

Why Not the Best for Serious Running?

As mentioned earlier, the 800is is better suited for users who walk and jog consistently. This is because the motor is average at 2.75 continuous duty horsepower. If you are train weekly at high mileages and high intensities, your output, over time, could be too much for this treadmill to handle. If this is the case, there are other quality ProForm models out there that can meet your needs, such as the SMART Pro 9000

Lots to Love

Not many people are marathon runners, so despite the 800i not being ideal for high mileage/intensity, this is still a great treadmill. 

It inclines, declines, offers 50 preloaded workouts, in addition to the various workouts via iFit, and oh yeah, it will keep you cool with its built in fan.

If you are exploring treadmills and are serious about making an investment in your health, the 800i will definitely help you meet your goals. 

What makes the 800i unique?

The monster 14” high-definition, touchscreen display! It’s a beast! Couple that with iFit, and prepare yourself to be fully immersed in fun and exciting virtual workout environments! 

What is the 800i missing?

A more powerful motor. There is so much to love about the 800i, but if the motor were just a bit stronger, it’d be love at first sight. 

General Specifications

User Weight Capacity315 pounds 
Unit Weight200 pounds 
Model Dimensions76.23” x 33.5” x 57.64”
FoldabilityYes, can also be wheeled 
Running Belt18” x 60”
Motor2.75 Continuous Duty Horsepower Mach Z Commercial Motor
Rollers 1.6”
Display14” high definition touchscreen display
TechnologyiFit capable (1-year family membership included); 2 built-in digital speakers accessible through aux jack; 
Preloaded Workouts50
Maximum Speed12 mph
InclineYes, up to 10%
DeclineYes, down to -2%
Shock AbsorptionProShox Cushioning
Heart Rate MonitorYes, built into hand grips 
Warranty10-year frame, 2-year parts, and 1-year labor

What are customers saying about the ProForm Performance 800i Treadmill? (From

  • “The treadmill’s range of inclines, fan, and the beautiful, large screen makes iFit hiking, running, cultural walks and step off strength training an awesome experience! Absolutely love it!”
  • “This machine is high quality for someone who walks at my speed with some very nice features.”
  • “Great machine! IFIT is awesome!! Everyday I walk somewhere different.”
  • “Assembly went well and it took approximately 2 hours.”    

What is your experience with the Proform Performance Series 800i Treadmill? 

We want to know your experience with the Proform Performance Series 800i Treadmill! Please provide your feedback below and share with those considering this model! Also, if you have any questions about the ProForm Performance Series 800i, let us know, and we will do our best to answer them!

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