Quick Q and A: What is a treadmill walking/running belt?

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By J. Maki


What is a treadmill walking/running belt?


Quite simply, a treadmill running belt (or walking belt, whatever your preference), or running space, is the space available to you for your foot strikes as you are walking or running. Running belts are typically described by their width and length on manufacturer’s websites, or on review sites like our own. I currently own a Nautilus T616 which has a running belt that measures 20″ x 60″, and I measure in at 6’4 and have 13″ feet. As a long strider with annoyingly barge-like feet, the 20″ x 60″ belt more than accommodates what I require in running space. The running belt should be an area of consideration as you research treadmills for purchase to ensure that it aligns with your physical stature.

From an operational standpoint, the belt does not move out of place during exercise, though it does travel backwards on rollers. The treadmill user must maintain the speed as dictated by the treadmill as transferred through the running belt.

It is important to monitor your running belt for wear and tear periodically to ensure a safe experience on your treadmill. If your belt becomes damaged, they can easily be replaced.

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