Walk: It’s Good For You!

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Walk: It’s Good For You

By J. Maki 

Exercise is essential to ensure a healthy body and mindset. 

There are a variety of options for you to choose from when it comes to exercise from strength training, to swimming, to rowing, and/or running. The options are endless.

But there is one mode of exercise that is often not perceived as beneficial because it is simple and not as physically demanding as some of the other modalities.

And that exercise is walking. 

Despite what you may believe, walking can be a powerful way to improve your health and fitness.

While running burns more calories in a shorter period of time, walking still provide a host of benefits. And, if you are a runner, walking can provide a nice change of pace, slowing things down a bit. 

Walking can transform your health, lowering your risk for such diseases as high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol. And, it can help you burn fat, too. The key to enjoying these benefits is to develop a workout plan and then consistently stick to it. While sporadic walking bouts are better than none at all, they will not have the compounding impact that a steady routine will produce. 

What also cannot be overlooked is that walking has less of a negative impact on our joints, and it makes us less susceptible to injuries as opposed to the wear and tear that running can inflict. If you are just beginning your fitness journey, walking could be your best bet to start, and as you progress and can handle longer durations and distances, you will physically prepare yourself to handle the demands of jogging or running, should you chose to continue to push yourself into new forms of exercise. And even if you don’t, you are still providing yourself with options should you ever change your mind. 

Walking also does wonder for our mental health as well. It provides you with quiet time to think through your life, to reflect and problem solve, and to possibly arrive at solutions you would not be able to find in the chaos and craziness of life. Walking can also boost your mood and overall feelings of happiness which are critical during times of stress, especially now during the many challenges presented by the novel coronavirus. 

Getting outside for a walk at least every other day is something that we all should make part of our lives. And if we can do it every day, even better. And to ensure you are able to stay consistent and continue a walking routine even when life gets busy or the weather gets nasty, investing in your own treadmill helps to eliminate those obstacles. Whether you prefer to walk outside, on a treadmill, or a balance of both, the method doesn’t matter: it is good for you! What better time than right now for a walk? You’ve read this article, so now you have something to think about as you do something good for yourself. 

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